The Lunchtime Incident

The perpetrator moves through the lunch line,
dining only a secondary concern.
When the fiend nears the condiments and silverware:
the true objective occurs
surreptitiously, hardly noticeable:
whole handfuls of napkins are scooped from the stainless steel holders;
nestled in waistband under the tent-like shirt.

Just before the next-period bell,
the thief runs unseen
to the top of the sophomore hall staircase, where he doesn’t belong,
breathing heavily, adrenaline spiking.

The mob of noisy adolescents echo in the stairwell,
hundreds of napkins snow down onto the perplexed students.
W.T.F. ! ? !


The Napkin Beast strikes again !

A Scratch

1.  Sarah . . . and the cat — a scratch is given ! — it was bath time.
2.  Bath time it was given at, a scratch to Sarah by the cat.
3.  To Sarah was a scratch given at bath time by the cat.
4.  Given at bath time by the cat to Sarah was a scratch.
5.  Was at bath time a scratch to Sarah the cat gave.
6.  At bath time was when the cat gave Sarah a scratch.
7.  Sarah was the one to whom the cat gave a scratch at bath time.
8.  Give a scratch to Sarah at bath time was what the cat did.
9.  It was at bath time when the cat gave Sarah a scratch.
0.  The cat gave Sarah a scratch at bath time.

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