Zeus Goat

appy Thanksgiving
we’re still among the living,
horn of plenty spilling—
on the table, the harvest;
platters spread and garnished.

*[ WSB ].



ntegrity matters,” rebuffed Raffensperger,
lambasting Trump who threw him under the bus
after a lifetime of republicing public’ly.
Even sadder, were the spineless lifeline grabbers:
Loeffler, Kemp, Perdue–left their party rules to pursue
a limp cult leader–choosing self-preservation
over constituency. Bottom feeders all
that in the nitty gritty turned on their own
in shitty calls for their Secretary to fall.

*[ WSB ].

Ode for a Cockroach

rithing snakes purify the white blood that sloshes around
within the armor, the woodwind heart with back and forth stops
running top a midnight scherzo at three miles an hour.Cockroach
Folding into quarter crevices in three-quarter sleep,
Blattaria snuggles in moist shadows, shunning the light:
nocturnal demon that can scissor-scramble on two legs,
and tilt rusted battle shields to lift off like a gargoyle
against the stars. Lineage from the Carboniferous,
with grappling appendages and well-groomed antenna smell,
that can survive on just thumbprint grease or postage stamp glue,
chewing sideways. The bicorn bottom feels the slightest draft
of approach; two-thousand compound lenses scan all about.
The triangular head holds ancient roots of reflection
tapped when hydraulic failure turns six legs toward heaven.

*[ WSB ].



om-Tom strut,
fan spread on the butt;
wings drum ruts:

gobbler, this:
genus Meleagris,
snood emphasis;

with jail-cell wings and a bald head weathered,
bronze-green plumage, and rusted tail feathers.

*[ WSB ].



Altered: Raccoon [1958]; tempera on panel; by: Andrew Wyeth

omber the hunting gaze of Jack chained in sepia,
his pack too, on the short leash;
half a dog stretches to the limit.
Heavy ring of servitude; the sleeping hound
too bored to nest in the straw
of the cracked-barrel bed.
Monotone sorrow framed for
the dog the artist never got to comfort.

*[ WSB ].

The Bone Lady


Dr Amira Shaheen

The bone lady lays out the bones
on the floor of the tomb,
clearing dirt with a chop stick;
lays out the frameworks
of ancestors reduced to stones,
a priest buried for millennia
in the golden sand of Egypt;
divines family bones for signs
of age, sex and malady,
matching the forensics
to the reliefs and hieroglyphics,
quotes history from the relics.

*[ WSB ].

Blocks of Text



he clip of consonants
form most of the alphabet,
but vowels breathe aerial,
few and invariable:

water in vials
hemming graphemes
into morphemes,
lemma and lexicon
that text depends on—

the cobble and flow
of poesy and prose.

*[ WSB ].


Altered | Photograph: NRAO, AUI, NSF

pectral prismic from the cataclysmic:
the blast emits more energy in an instant
than the lifetime sun will shed in eons—
remnants strewn like underwater fireworks.

Imploding explosion: a collapsing core
and expanding element shells burning
as levels of hell in a devilish star,
until an iron wall refuses to fall.
Then a shockwave rolls from the fiery heart.

Left is a foundry for cosmic objects
in the fairy glow of periodic oddment.

*[ WSB ].