The Standard Deviation

The spread of the data set curves like a bell,
sigma clapping the soundbow; sonorous
the notes of the measure, a resonant knell
of the bullhorn between the clangor butts.

This mean from the crunch of adding machine
tends to crest on the swell parabolic,
a snapshot of the box-plot median —
whiskers reaching where outliers frolic.

The Standard Model

Lepton electrons buzz elemental,
orbit distantly from up and down quarks,
protons and neutrons in gluon corsets.

First-generation fields at the forefront:
fermions exclusive to just one mark
of firmness that the brain can assemble,

sense.  Otherwise, these particles can fly
sometimes right through you, so ephemeral
the illusion from quantum confusion

from singularity to stellar ruin
running down in a network of spirals
swallowed by swollen blackhole termini,

dense.  Gravity from a cosmos shallow
divided first and maintains abandon
disconnected from the Standard Model,

harmonious, played pianissimo.
The boson photons porous like phantoms
pour through the universe at full throttle,

since the echoes of sound from the grapefruit
inflation to random radiation
warming the icy void like a shawl.

The particles are seventeen in all.
And mass is imparted by the Higgson,
article of faith in physics value.


Hera fans away fog and strides with force;
finding her husband tending a heifer.
Knowing Zeus more fibber than confessor,
the queen feigns coveting the cow as course

to uncover a ruse for liaison
with some novel nymphet.  The god of skies
has wooed the lower caste before, disguised —
[a horny blast for a trumpeter swan].

Near flowering heather and grassy loam
cowers a quadruped ogled by Argus.
Squabbling gods prod the bovine near madness,
an interspecies sadness years from home.

Glowing underneath the horns of the moon,
reborn, the girl sheds her leather costume.


The fires of Io
pepperoni the surface:
wounds under plumes

that flash against black
from tidal twisting on a
rack of gravity —

a Jovian sideshow of
cracked moon misted with brimstone.


In the theta waves
the seahorse maps the ocean.
The archicortex
reptilian layering,
random access memories
swim from the fathoms
into the euphotic zone
pulling Poseidon
above the corrugated
sea, the monsters at the edge.
Between wrinkled clouds
and lava in the trenches,
the land on pillars:
the three brothers reconcile
as livestock graze in the field.