olivora over the flora
clawhooks the canopy cables
upside down. Dances odd signature
in a time trance—slowness as a design
tenet. Lingers with Wolverine fingers
in low-energy lifestyle while
surveying the outlay parameters,
moving with strategy to recharge
the battery for all of the gearing
under the endearing whimsical shell.

*[ WSB ].



aharan sand of parabolic dome
trust not the haboob with promise of loam:

the dust plume invades the pristine air
and unfurls a colorful sunset there,
trickery from a milky-way sky:
draws the prey—spits a mote in its eye:

no longer booming across the erg breeze;
combed from the shore and swallowed by seas.

*[ WSB ].


Variant. Watertown. [1970]. Frank Sinatra. Columbia


The wall never falls down
in Watertown where my tears pool
and the red herrings clown.

The pain of moving on—
in smalltown darkness stands a fool
by the railroad alone.

The train wails and recedes
back to the never-sleeping joules
that capture restless dreams.

*[ WSB ].


Variant. Trout Mask Replica. [1969]. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band. Straight Records.

Trout Mask Replica

Trout Mask Replica.
the skeptic must ask about:
scat touted relic.

Indelicate tracks
attack auricles throughout—
a bout: trash or art ?









*[ WSB ].



Variant. Rooster Teeth Poster Art.

All are remnants
of nova dust from the void thrust—
light circled by menace.

Hooded ruby
huntress of Grimm beasts, black and limned,
joins three other beauties

in clash academe:
shadowed Yang light,  Blake and snow Weiss
make up the RWBY team.

Welcome Beacon:
training the small to fight the maw
of chaotic demons.

*[ WSB ].

Democracy Dies in the Dark


he press is a mess
not calling the treacherous
by name who’s to blame,
orange president so lame.

Tantrum on a toy drum,
critics of him are all dumb.
Pell-Mell tweet and yell:
put his blasphemers in jail.

Re-brand old elephant
against all not sycophant
to dear-leader cheer—
discourse by pitchfork and spear.

Mark the fascist arc:
democracy dies in the dark;
meter the theater,
spotlight and depose the führer.

*[ WSB ].

For Mother


eing only matter from the matrix,
a womb model molded,
a novel fruit unfolded from branches
advancing from the trunk or materia,
repayment debunk’d, one can only praise—
lexical root: mater; for mother,
I sing a lyrical Matris Gloria.

Glory to the mother
who brought forth the son
and his brothers.
The love of mother for her child,
unconditional and mild,
stretches beyond maturation,
past stretching time and the wingéd raven
into chaos vast, everlasting.

*[ WSB ].

The Next Election


rom a constituent
venting about the current
governmental direction
to a level commensurate
for correction;

Latch on to another branch
gibboning the thatch’d
canopy ribbing jigsaw
over crocodile ripsaw water,
trying not to be fodder
before the next election.

*[ WSB ].


like an orange lugnut with a sleeping mutt on his pate

adjective: Distasteful; offensive; objectionable—
a judgement against wasteful butts as heads of state

From Old French répugnant (disgusting)—something is fusting in Columbia
from Latin repugnant (contrary, opposed)—already disclosed
from repugnare, from re- (again) + pugnare (to fight)—with all due might
from pugnus (fist)—a start, and feel free to add anything medieval to the list
Ultimately from the Indo-European root peuk- (to prick)—
a windbag, I bite my thumb at you, prick

which is also the source of:

The point is to puncture
the pungent in a punctual way,
a poignant pounce with a poniard
to impugn imperialism—
a pugilist against the pugnacious right,
mostly wrong.

Earliest documented use: 1425.

*[ WSB ].