Texts of Interest

1. Joyce |  Ulysses
2. David Dubal |  The Essential Canon of  Classical Music
3. Joyce |  Finnegans Wake
4. J. M. Ledgard |  Giraffe
5. Melville |  Moby Dick
6. Elizabeth Bishop |  The Complete Poems: 1927-1979
7. Milton |  Paradise Lost
8. Shakespeare |  Hamlet

Homer |  The Iliad
10. Faulkner |  As I Lay Dying

*[ WSB ].

Mechanical Failure


he scrape of the brakes rakes
dorsal on the vertebrate.
Manic panic groans through torso
from breakdown of mechanics,
a satanic resonance of
flesh and bone focused by
testosterone.  When machine
humming becomes snare drumming
of bare metal fatigue; that snaggle-
toothed, clack-catching scare,
like bedraggled, suspended-bridge
cables snapping into,
into grinding reprieve of traffic
wait before the floodgate
opens into the promise
of remedial hiss of
radial treads and accepted
dread: it’s time to change the brakes.

*[ WSB ].