Loss, the Cross, and the “Lord of the Flies”


Rational thought: Piggy of the “flashing glasses”
brought by the goddess, “flashing-eyed” Athena.
The release of Promethean fire,
Isolation from modernity: the adolescents,

Savagery at the core of humanity
against the impetus forward, into day–
the rapid fall toward the void
–marooned boys,

Quick dissolution of order. Ralph sheds his clothes
in the sunrays. Clothing marks walls,
the conch calls–the ocean lost.
Jack, the unbridled force, controls troops:
jackboots against the sun.

Simon sees the Beast coming. Crucifixion.
The feast of the hunt, the pig, becomes
the Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub,
the tribal drumming swells.