Spare the Rod; Spoil the Child, or 2 Kings 2: 23-24

And Elisha went up
from thence unto Bethel:
a city climbing from the rocks,
and as he was going up
by the rocky way,
there jaunted forth
little children,
the meek out of the city,
and mocked his head a-gleaming,
and taunted him,
Go up, thou bald head;
go up, and up, and up, up, up,
thou head unadorned.
And he turned back a-growling,
and looked down on them,
and cursed them
each and every child
with scorn
in the name of the LORD.
And there came forth
two she bears,
monsters out of the wood,
and tare to bloody shreds
forty and two
children of them:
in the name of the LORD.