There once was dupe called Trump
who really liked showing his rump.
With rhetoric absurd
and ideas like a turd,
still people voted for that chump.

To the angry whites, he threw chum:
frenzy in the waters of dumb.
Now political hacks
with alternative facts,
is what the White House has become.

Indeed the President is an idiot
in place without the votes of the myriad.
He will build the big wall,
’Cause his penis isn’t small:
it’s the largest one ever—period !

The Donald is foul in his mockery
of the American people’s democracy.
To put it in plain clothes,
what they want to impose
is a robust Christian theocracy.

But Trumpy isn’t finished just yet,
installing cronies in his cabalnet:
what, with climate-change deniers
and alt-right, Caucasian deifiers—
the swamp grows as he shovels more [codswallop].