The Planets


The pipsqueak planet
is elusive in the sky,
fleeting with his wings;
fading into the sun’s glare—
a trickster at dusk and dawn.


The star-shine planet
rivals the glow of full moon;
beautiful sister
veiled in feminine mystique:
bewitching and seductive.


The ocean planet,
bright blue-green with swirls of white,
dances with one moon;
one of the four elements:
the biosphere brings forth life.


The bloody planet
with canals and ice-capped poles,
(miraculous birth),
marches through the cold valley
with two prisoners of war.


The giant planet
of striated bands storming,
heavenly father
journeys out: a frozen star
calming the sky for orbits.


The planet of rings–
and shepherding satellites
that furrow the ice–
bedazzles the leaden sky:
ushering the Golden Age.


The sideways planet
of icy green formlessness
broods far from the sun—
celestial grandfather
surrounded by tempest moons.


The planet of winds
that howl within blizzards blue:
the hooves of horses
splash the mystical waters;
shadows race on seas below.