like an orange lugnut with a sleeping mutt on his pate

adjective: Distasteful; offensive; objectionable—
a judgement against wasteful butts as heads of state

From Old French répugnant (disgusting)—something is fusting in Columbia
from Latin repugnant (contrary, opposed)—already disclosed
from repugnare, from re- (again) + pugnare (to fight)—with all due might
from pugnus (fist)—a start, and feel free to add anything medieval to the list
Ultimately from the Indo-European root peuk- (to prick)—
a windbag, I bite my thumb at you, prick

which is also the source of:

The point is to puncture
the pungent in a punctual way,
a poignant pounce with a poniard
to impugn imperialism—
a pugilist against the pugnacious right,
mostly wrong.

Earliest documented use: 1425.

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