My self was born XVII: XLII, Dies Lunae, XI.V.MCMLXIV at Latitude: 33-17’40” N Longitude:  083-57’58” W:  Jackson is in Butts County, Georgia at an elevation of 705 feet, state of canorous brown thrashers [Toxostoma rufum], chorusing green tree frogs [Hyla cinerea] and invasive Cherokee roses [Rosa laevigata].  Interests include reading/writing, currently working on hodgepodge book:  poetry, essays, other [140 p of 207 complete].  Retired, United States Air Force.  Divorced.  Ephemeris heavily populated by Taurus: Sol, Luna, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter — my son and daughter say — I like old things;  classics, I would counter.  Interests: formatting documents/tables, classical music *a pattern forms*, Shakespeare, Joyce, Jung:  maybe I was born old.  Sadly, I have not published anything [well, I have on this blog :)] — more critic than creator, so far.  However, English major still tantalized by math.

WebLog commenced to act as space for whatever occurs to me to be aesthetically pleasing that I am able to create for the edification of the so inclined.