My self was born XVII: XLII, Dies Lunae, XI.V.MCMLXIV at Latitude: 33-17’40” N Longitude: 083-57’58” W: Jackson is in Butts County, Georgia at an elevation of 705 feet. Interests include reading/writing, currently working on hodgepodge book: poetry, essays, other. Retired, Air Force. Divorced. Ephemeris heavily populated by Taurus: Sol, Luna, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter–my two daughters say–I like old things; classics, I would counter. Interests: formatting documents/tables, classical music *a pattern forms*, Shakespeare, Joyce, Jung: maybe I was born old. Sadly, I have not published anything—more critic than creator, so far. However, English major still tantalized by math.

Webpage commenced to act as space for whatever occurs to me to be aesthetically pleasing that I am able to create for the edification of the so inclined.