Under the Arc


he sun rises in the East
out of the boiling Pacific.
From the belly of the beast

morning stretches mystic,
as fairies fold into foliage.
Magic gives way to physics.

Numberless life of Coleridge
unfolds in survival business.
Waves of darkness wait for a feast.

*[ WSB ].

Until Then . . .


leven strokes in the plum flowers;
women hold up half the sky.

After the parades are over,
I will find you patient.

The wait for passion will end.

[Versification with emendation of Away, S1E3]

*[ WSB ].



ook at how the parties fly:
thermal-lifted, noonsun bright;
or scratching against the veil of night.

*[ WSB ].

Knock Knock


range fishing cat
stark against blue solitude
wakes when lightning knocks.

*[ WSB ].



he armadillo
is an armored fellow
that digs below
with claws like rakes
to sniff out insects
and invertebrates;
runs and swims
on pointed toes—
from giants to pink fairies:
leaping tanks; not very hairy.

*[ WSB ].

On the Borders of Purpose


he borders of purpose.

Egyptian architect
Babylonian astronomer
Hebrew prophet
Persian governor
Greek poet
Roman engineer
Hindu saint
Japanese artist
Chinese sage

pass from anthropology
through archaeology
into history.

[Versification of Will Durant]

*[ WSB ].



olivora over the flora
clawhooks the canopy cables
upside down. Dances odd signature
in a time trance—slowness as a design
tenet. Lingers with Wolverine fingers
in low-energy lifestyle while
surveying the outlay parameters,
moving with strategy to recharge
the battery for all of the gearing
under an endearing whimsical shell.

*[ WSB ].



aharan sand of parabolic dome
trust not the haboob with promise of loam:

the dust plume invades the pristine air
and unfurls a colorful sunset there,
trickery from a milky-way sky:
draws the prey—spits a mote in its eye:

no longer booming across the erg breeze;
combed from the shore and swallowed by seas.

*[ WSB ].