Be the Tree


tronger trees exist
boughs and sprigs springing
in a 1,000 year dance,
in the breeze.
[An empirical miracle]; to wist,
adding more days,
the plants:
drink more water,
shrink away stress,
think of their own business.
Witness the tree,
and stand longer.

*[ WSB ].

Dust to Dust


he carbon in the skeleton,
the oxygen in the breath,
the iron in the globin:
all seeded by the stars
after the core is imploded —
the cosmic dust:
silicon, carbon, aluminum
[a millionth of a centimeter]:
the sand under pelicans,
the flowers and the flesh,
the screendoors that open.
stars die that we may live.
Before spacetime spread deeper
the first supernovae exploded,
when ancient blue-white stars
bathed the universe in light —
the cosmic dawn
[the first generation of stars]
a fraction of the current age.

*[ WSB ].

Spare the Rod; Spoil the Child, or 2 Kings 2:23-24: A Verse Translation


nd Elisha went up
from thence unto Bethel:
a city climbing from the rocks,
and as he was going up
       by the rocky way,
there jaunted forth
       little children,
the meek out of the city,
and mocked his head a-gleaming,
and taunted him,
Go up, thou bald head;
go up and up and up:
thou head unadorned.
And he turned back a-growling,
and looked down on them,
       and cursed them
each and every child
       with scorn,
in the name of the LORD.
And there came forth
       two she bears
— monsters out of the wood —
and tare to bloody shreds
       forty and two
children of them:
in the name of the LORD.

*[ WSB ].

The 5th


770, born in a musical family:
Beethoven, turning 38, wrote the banging notes of fate,
and the radical dictate of playing at 108
beats: tragedy to triumph with a dot-dot-dot-dash motif —
victory from tyranny: the rights of man and liberty.

*[ WSB ].

/ the Morning Routine [pantoum]


ost animals go about their morning normals quietly;
not so, a tailflicking squirrel and one squawking mockingbird.
The solemn night stages the early matins sung piously
as rebirth fans across dewdrops sparkling: a reverence observed —

not so with this squeaking squirrel and the balking mockingbird,
both aloof to harmony and consumed with recalcitrance,
as renaissance fans across glittering dew: the glory observed,
whilst bellicose war cries bewail from the crusty battlements.

Both aloof to melody and brimming with recalcitrance,
the shimmer fades in the sun-upping warmth; the bee chants float
amid churlish war cries clamoring from crusted battlements
splitting the spring forenoon leeways overlapping, undercoat.

The glimmer fades in the sun-upping warmth. The bee drone floats
beside the clawing and the clacking of tooth and beak war-dance
that rends the vernal forenoon niches interwoven, unbeknownst
by choral songbirds skimming the trees, aloft a butterfly trance.

Counter to the clawing and the clacking of tooth and beak dance,
the peaceful night stages early matins voiced sacredly
by acapella birds swimming through branches: the butterflies dense:
Most animals undertake their morning routines softly.


*[ WSB ].